Celtic unhappy with Falkirk pitch

Falkirk hosted Scotland's Under-21 European Championship qualifier Azerbaijan on Tuesday.

And Falkirk spokesman Keith Hogg said: "It's not a pitch that's going to explode, it'll be perfect for Sunday's game against Celtic."

Hogg said the club received a phone call on Wednesday seeking permission for an independent expert to inspect the pitch.

"We find there's nothing wrong with that; we're quite open here at Falkirk Football Club," he said.

"It's just part of the SPL's looking after the state of Scottish football and making sure that all our pitches are up to spec.

"To be honest, we're quite happy about that."

Grass needs sunlight, but we've not had an awful lot of that

Falkirk spokesman Keith Hogg

Hogg said Falkirk had yet to receive the SPL's report following the pitch inspection.

"I've got to say, the vibes you get from someone like him, he was quite positive. He took a couple of samples, shoved his nose into it and said 'yeah, everything's fine'.

"It's not a pitch that's going to explode."

Hogg said the weather had not helped the surface.

"The covers have been down constantly, the undersoil heating has been on for a good while and, as you know, grass needs sunlight, but we've not had an awful lot of that."

Hogg did not believe it was mischief-making on Celtic's part to question the condition of the pitch.

"It will be perfect for Sunday's game," he added.

Source: BBC Sport